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Apple Modified iPhone 5 NFC Job Application

Could this be yet another proof that Apple has given up on integrating Near Field Communication (NFC) in the iPhone 5, at least for now? Earlier this year, Apple put out a job specification on its website calling for an iPhone HW Test Engineer with knowledge in RFID.

We were surprised to find out that the job description (available here) no longer contains any direct prerequisites regarding expertise in the RFID or NFC fields.

Many including ourselves were (are still) convinced that Apple will launch an iPhone 5 handset with support for NFC after Google, Samsung and Nokia released smartphones with such features.

After all, Apple has applied for numerous patents including one called EWallet, the RFID reader integrated in the phone's display or that iTunes integration that was unearthed back in April 2010 by PatentlyApple plus there has reports of NFC accessories.

And what about Benjamin Vigier, this NFC expert who has been recruited as product manager of Mobile Commerce by Apple, last July; Vigier has overseen a number of major NFC/e-wallet projects that tie up nicely with what Apple's supposed NFC plans.

Now even if the Independent says that Apple won't have NFC for the iPhone 5 doesn't mean that the hardware wont' be implemented already.