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Apple’s iPad 2 coming to Vodafone

Mobile phone network Vodafone has announced it will be joining Three, Orange and T-Mobile in retailing the new Apple iPad 2 from March 25th.

Vodafone unveiled its intention to carry the tablet device in a standard stock statement that Three issued too, which presumably must come from Apple as a similar formulaic notice was issued by networks over the iPhone 4. The statement reads; ‘Vodafone UK today announced it will offer iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G and also dedicated data plans for iPad 2 in the coming weeks’

The proclamation goes on to state; ‘iPad 2 is the next generation of Apple's magical device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading ebooks and much more.’ ‘The amazing new iPad 2 improves on the original iPad by being thinner, lighter and faster, all while maintaining the same incredible 10 hours of battery of life. For more information about iPad 2 please visit’

Vodafone never actually retailed the initial iPad, unlike other mobile phone networks – although they do offer various tariffs that supported the tablet, in a similar vein to their iPhone 4’s contracts.

Their original iPad tariffs start at £3 a month, with a £2 charge for a 250MB data allowance which moves on to £7.50 a month for 500MB and 2GB of data for £15 a month – all of which has access to 1GB of BT Openzone use.

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