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Blackberry Messenger Social Platform Moves Into Public Beta

RIM has brought out the beta version of the Blackberry Messenger Social Platform that will allow developers to bring BBM capabilities to their apps.

The BBM Social Platform, announced back in September during the Blackberry DEVCON conference, will let developers add Super App features to their Blackberry applications.

Blackberry apps with Super App capabilities allow users to access and update their profiles, create a custom area in which recent application activity and achievements can be shown, initiate chat with friends via BBM, file transfer and app sharing.

The platform is currently available for Java developers but RIM said that the next beta update, to be released in April 2011, will bring support for the Blackberry WebWorks platform as well.

“Included in this beta of the BBM Social Platform are special simulators for BlackBerry smartphone OS 5.0 and 6.0 that allow for simulation of BBM communication between two instances of the simulator,” RIM explained in a blog.

“This gives developers the ability to test the exact workflow and BBM integration that they can expect to see on a live device,” the company added.

RIM's Blackberry Messenger has been one of the key factors that has been driving Blackberry smartphone sales and the company wants to leverage its popularity to make Blackberry apps more lively and appealing to users.