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Could Apple Be Deliberately Hindering Web Apps?

A series of tests conducted by developers have revealed that web apps launched from the iPad or iPhone home screen, run at speeds significantly slower speeds on Apple's iOS than the native apps found on its App Store.

According to The Register, tests have shown that web apps launched from the homescreen of iOS devices in 'full-screen mode' run slower than the those run in Apple's Safari mobile web browser or native iOS apps for that matter.

It was found that web apps that are run directly from the homescreen in full-screen mode are up to two and a half times slower than the ones that run from Apple's Safari browser on iOS devices.

It is not known whether the web apps are running more slowly owing to some bug in iOS, but conspiracy theorists believe that Apple could be deliberately killing their speeds to make the apps available through the App Store, from which they take a cut, look better.

Web apps are developed using open JavaScript and HTML technologies and are compatible with any mobile operating system that is internet enabled.

Several developers have chosen to develop web apps for Apple's iOS in order to remain independent of Apple's App Store rules, especially in light of the fact that the company takes 30 per cent of all revenue from App Store purchases.