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Data Centers To Reduce In Size And Cost, Report Says

A report released by research firm Gartner has predicted that the size of today's data centers will reduce significantly over the next five years.

The report titled 'Shrinking Data Centers: Your Next Data Center Will Be Smaller Than You Think' compiled by Garner, explains that there are four primary factors that will contribute to reducing the size and cost of data centers, whilst increasing longevity.

The design of data centers, being the first factor, is evolving to include different density zones for different workloads, which might utilise directed cold air or in-rack cooling for higher density workloads.

Green issues are also playing an important role in the development of data centers, Gartner says. Data center makers are incorporating measures that will decrease the consumption of energy by high-powered computing machines.

Gartner is of the opinion that existing data centers fail to utilise the space that is allotted to them. The report says that even though the actual physical floor space seemed full, the space between racks and servers in datacentres was poorly allocated for computing.

The company also said that cloud computing services were playing a major role in reducing the size of corporate data centers. Cloud computing is letting businesses outsource less critical operations to the cloud while letting their on-premise data centers deal with the more mission critical operations in-house, thereby reducing the size of data center computing required by cloud adopters.