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Fox shoots news report on iPad 2

Texan Fox News affiliate KBTV has broadcast a news report shot entirely on an iPad 2.

Fox 4 reporter Mike McNeill whipped out his new Apple gadget to film the report on buying booze for St Patrick's Day saying: "All the experts who know how to shoot these kind of stories are out on real stories, so, I just grabbed my iPad 2 and decided hey, you know what, we're Fox 4, we're innovators."

What follows is pretty much an advert for the liquor store in general and Guinness in particular, and it's not going to win any journalism awards, but McNeill makes a decent fist of the camera work. Disappointingly, the report is one continuous shot so there's no evidence that Apple's iMovie was used to edit the four-minute news segment.

We reckon there will be some pretty worried camera crews out there this morning wondering whether they'll have a job in a few months.

TUAW says it's the first known news broadcast to be shot using the second-generation tablet device's new cameras, and we suspect it won't be the last.