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Google Apps Introduces New Feature Release Options

Google has updated its Google Apps business web applications suite with a new feature release process which will allow IT administrators to manage the latest updates.

According to a post on Google Enterprise Blog, the new feature release process will come on two release tracks: Rapid Release and Schedule Release.

The Rapid Release feature will allow Google Apps users to access new updates as soon as they are ready to be rolled out.

The Schedule Release track will allow customers to access updates on a weekly basis, giving IT administrators ample time to test systems and prepare users for the Google Apps updates.

Google said that the new feature had been designed at the behest of enterprise IT administrators who wanted to be able to access the latest updates quickly yet also have time to integrate the them into their organisations.

“If your organisation previously had 'Pre-release features' enabled in the Google Apps control panel, then you will be placed on the Rapid Release track and continue to gain access to new features as soon as they’re ready,” Google explained.

If the 'Pre-release features' options was not enabled then the organisation will be placed on the Schedule Release track automatically. Administrators will be able to change Google Apps release tracks by accessing the Google Apps control panel.