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Google buys Green Parrot Pictures

Acquisitive online ad outfit Google has bought Irish company Green Parrot Pictures for an undisclosed sum.

The Dublin-based firm specialises in image processing to improve the quality of digital movies, as well as providing IP licensing, consulting and software development services

The company's CEO Professor Anil Kokaram owns a number of patents in the area of video enhancement and motion estimation whose work can be seen used in films such as Lord of the Rings, King Kong, X Men and Spiderman.

Google is looking to improve the quality of video uploaded to YouTube and said that Green Parrot's technology will also help it make more efficient use of bandwidth.

In a statement, posted on Green Parrot Pictures' web site, the firm said: "We're excited to join Google, where we will apply our expertise to improve the online video experience for hundreds of millions of users worldwide on many different products, platforms and services."

Professor Kokaram, an associate professor with the school of engineering at Trinity College, Dublin founded Green Parrot Pictures some six years ago.

Writing on the official YouTube blog, Google's director of video technology, Jeremy Doig said: "Some of YouTube’s most popular or moving videos are shot using low-quality mobile phones and video cameras. Take, for example, videos of recent protests in Libya. Although emotionally captivating, they can be jerky, blurry or unsteady.

"What if there was a technology that could improve the quality of such videos - sharpening the image, reducing visual noise and rendering a higher-quality, steadier video - all while your video is simply being uploaded to the site?

"You can imagine how excited we were when we discovered a small, ambitious company based in Ireland that can do exactly this."

He said Green Parrot's technology helps make videos look better while at the same time using less bandwidth and improving playback speed.