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Google Says Farewell To Gears Project

Search engine giant Google has announced the end for Gears, formerly Google Gears, the web browser plug-in that let users store cloud data offline.

In a post on the Gears API blog, the company said that it had managed to replicate almost all of Gears functionality on the HTML5 standard. The Gears team have been working alongside other browser developers and bodies to define and standardise HTML5 features for all browsers.

The company, which started shifting its focus from Gears to HTML5 last February, stated that Gears will not receive updates and new web browsers like Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 will not be supported by the platform.

Google also said that it would drop support for Google Gears with the release of Chrome 12, which is due in the not too distant future. The company, however, said that the Gears code was available for anyone to use under open source licenses.

“Our mission with Gears was to enable more powerful web applications. Over 5 releases, we added tons of APIs, enabling everything from offline access to parallel computation,” Aaron Boodman of the Gears Team wrote on the blog.

“Now that these features have all been adopted by browsers and have official W3C specs, they are available to more developers than we could have reached with Gears alone,” he added.