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HTC Pyramid Photos Appear Online

A Chinese website has published what looks like renderings of a forthcoming HTC handset, the legendary Pyramid which had been expected to be released back in February 2011 during the Mobile Wold Congress in Barcelona. posted two pictures of the Pyramid plus a few details as well; surprisingly, it is supposed to run on Honeycomb, an operating system which Google officially destined for proper large screen tablets.

The Pyramid, the site says, will run on a 1.2GHz system-on-chip, a Qualcomm Dual core Snapdragon chip we suspect, with 768MB RAM, an eight-megapixel camera with AF and flash, a front facing 1.3-megapixel one, a 4.3-inch Super LCD touchscreen and a screen resolution of only 960x540 pixels.

Not only is this less than the iPhone 4 (and its retina display), it is also almost half that of the other Honeycomb tablets like the Motorola XOOM or the Samsung Galaxy Tab SII.

The Pyramid, based on these specifications, is set to replace the HTC Desire HD, which is too close to comfort to the Desire S. It does look a lot like the later and would bring some welcomed improvements like the new SoC and a front facing camera.

As mentioned before, we expect that the phone will only be announced after the launch of the iPhone 5 which will give HTC and others (Motorola, Sony Ericsson) enough time to finetune their placement and pricing strategy.