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Next Generation AMD Processors Customized For IE9 Browser

Chip maker AMD has announced that its next generation processors and graphics chips have been designed to harness the hardware acceleration capabilities of Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 web browser.

The company said that its new Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and Radeon Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) will support Microsoft's newest browser's ability to use computer hardware to render graphic rich web pages built using the latest in web technologies like HTML 5 and Direct X 11.

Microsoft claims that the browser will allow users to utilise the full potential of their PC hardware to play online games, watch videos and open graphic intensive websites. The software giant said that Internet Explorer 9 brings web apps on a par with traditional desktop apps.

Ryan Gavin, Microsoft's senior director for Internet Explorer, said in a statement “For too long the Web we all enjoy has been relegated to second-class status. Compared to the rich, dynamic, and fast experiences we get with native apps, the Web today is relatively flat. That changes with Internet Explorer 9.”

The newest iteration of the market leading web browser was formally launched by Microsoft at the on-going South by South West conference in Texas. IE9 is available for download on PCs running Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.