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Rumour: iPhone 5 to have dual-SIM support

Rumours that Apple's next generation iPhone 5 could allow the installation of two SIM cards simultaneously appear to be the result of Chinese whispers.

The same English-language Chinese web site which outed what it said were engineering drawings of the forthcoming smart phone is now suggesting that the iPhone 5 will have two SIM card slots, allowing the device to use dual airtime contracts and telephone numbers.

A comment posted yesterday says, "Heard from a reliable source that iPhone 5 will support 2 sim cards allowing you to use 2 phone lines. We hope to see some proof."

As much as we'd love to think the iPhone 5 will be capable of coping with, for example, a work number and personal number at the same time, we suspect something might have been lost in translation here.

Our bet is that the report is referring to a hybrid Qualcomm radio chip, currently codenamed Gobi, which can be switched between GSM and CDMA signals, allowing users to change from Verizon to AT&T networks in the USA without buying a new handset.