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Rumour Mill : iPhone 5 To Hold Dual SIM Cards

One of the wildest and most improbable rumours to have emerged lately about the iPhone 5 is one which involves the latter having two dual SIM cards to support two different mobile phone operators.

While this is common place in Asia where users routinely send texts on one SIM and make calls on another, dual SIM capabilities have yet to catch up in Europe and the US where the carrier heavily subsidises the price of the handset and has absolutely no interest in getting a competitor onboard.

iDealschina however believes otherwise and 9to5mac believes that IDC misinterpreted its source; the iPhone 5 will almost certainly have a Qualcomm Gobi cellular/data chipset which will allow the phone to work on both GSM and CDMA networks.

IDC published other iPhone 5 rumours, the 4-inch bezel for the phone as well as design blueprints of the handset, both of which it claimed were obtained from Chinese accessories manufacturers.

As one might expect, the Chinese cloners are not far behind; meet the Airphone Number 5, which is proudly presented as the latest iPhone 5 Clone; it shares the same form factor as the iPhone 4 but comes with a few additional features like dual SIM cards, WAP/GPRS support, an FM Radio as well as a removable battery.