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UK-bound Daily To Launch On iPad 2 In Summer

Rupert Murdoch's The Daily, which is currently only available on the iPad 2, will come to the UK and the rest of Western Europe before the end of June .

Jonathan Miller, chief digital officer at News Corp, told an audience at the Abu Dhabi media summit that the service would start charging for the content next week, a move that he described as "its moment of truth"

He confirmed that, the service, which was launched in the US last month, has attracted hundreds of thousands of users.

The US version will cost roughly 14p per day or $0.99 per week ($39.99 per year) but News Corp has yet to confirm how much it will charge for the UK and European editions.

News Corp has yet to confirm whether the service will be available to other platforms including Android, WebOS or Windows.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the proliferation of more news services on the iPad is the fact that Apple wants to keep 30 per cent of the revenues from subscriptions generated by the iPad.

Furthermore, Apple strictly forbids publishers from advertising iPad deals cheaper elsewhere and maintain a comprehensive customer database; that said, the Daily is the first app that actually collects subscriber data via its in-app technology.