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Video calling over 3G comes to the iPhone 4

Video streaming software company Qik has unveiled the Qik video connect application for Apple devices, which allows for HD video calling over 3G.

Qik has recently been acquired by Skype where their latest app is geared up for delivering a video chat service over normal airwaves, in a way that the Apple FaceTime application can’t – as that software only works over WIFI.

Video connect also operates over 4G, besides just 3G and WIFI with integrated video mail, live video calling, instant social ‘Friendcasting’ networking sharing and video voice mail messaging too.

The app has inherent extra features surrounding video editing and seven real time added effects in live video, such as black and white, sepia, mirrored, x-ray and blue tint. It’s also possible to share videos with YouTube, or even private video messages over email and SMS.

Qik’s video connect app is available from the AppStore with a cost attached of $2.99, for Apple devices running iOS 4.1 or above with cameras: such as the iPhone, 4th generation iPod Touch and the iPad 2. A free version has been submitted to the Apple software repository, without those extra features.

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