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Vodafone Will Sell The Apple iPad 2

Vodafone has confirmed that it will be selling the iPad 2 after putting a product page online and inviting interested parties to register for update without giving out any details regarding the release date.

The page though appears to have been hastily put together since it lacks basic information like the "why get this" or the "key features" paragraph.

Unlike some of its competitors, Vodafone has completely stopped selling the original iPad although it sell sell the MicroSIM on contract. All the major mobile operators - with the notable exception of O2 - have now confirmed that they will sell the 3G version of the device; The iPad 2 will be launched in the UK from Friday 25th of March and will carry a starting price of £429.

3 UK said that it would sell dedicated versions of the iPad 2 which may mean that it will introduce some interesting packages including an all-you-can-eat data one (like the £25 The One) which would set 3 UK apart from the competition.