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Apple Attempts To Calm iPad 2 Sales Process

In an attempt to simplify the sales process, Apple has tweaked its inventory management policy for the iPad 2 by asking its retail store employees to offer new shipments a day after they arrive.

Citing sources familiar with Apple's retail operations, Apple Insider reveals that a new shipment of iPad 2 devices received by some Apple stores went on sale on Tuesday but the stores actually received the shipment on Monday.

Apple's move is meant to make it easier for its inventory managers to "calmly and accurately" make arrangements for new iPad 2 shipments. Earlier, Apple's inventory management strategy was centered around getting the products to retail shelves as fast as it could, but that strategy proved to be a nightmare for retail store employees.

The company hopes to learn a lesson from previous product launches like the iPhone 4 and first generation iPad. Last year, Apple's inventory reservation was hit by certain software glitches that had erased the reservations made by retail stores and had enabled some resellers to attempt to 'game' the system.

Apple Insider has also learnt that Apple has changed its web order number generating method to display a random number in order to prevent people from guessing how many devices the company has sold.