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Apple iPad 2 Tablets Fetch High Prices On Ebay

As one would expect, Ebay is the main outlet for those looking to get their hands on the iPad 2 as quickly as possible although that comes at a hefty price.

There are currently more than 100 iPad 2 on offer on Ebay UK at the time of writing with the most expensive models (the 64GB 3G version) being sold for as much as £1900 when shipped directly from the US.

The cheapest we managed to track down on a buy it now basis is one that is shipped from the US for around £525, which is £100 more expensive than what it is expected to cost here.

Given the fact that you will almost certainly pay VAT on the product, that it will take a few days to reach you and that the iPad 2 will actually ship over here on the 25th of March, it actually doesn't make that much sense to buy it now from the US.

The tablet was launched at the beginning of the month at a special event hosted by Steve Jobs; the iPad 2 is a worthy evolution of the original iPad with better processor, a faster graphics subsystem, more memory, two cameras, a new gyroscope, weighs less and has a much thinner chassis.

And unlike other products (like the MacBook Pro), Apple will sell the iPad 2 for the same price as the original iPad.