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BBC iPlayer Stats Show Live Streaming On The Rise

New iPlayer statistics released by the BBC reveal that the service is being used by a growing number of people to stream live content on the platform.

According to the BBC, the rise in iPlayer's streaming requests is due to the availability of live sports like Premiership football, American football and Six Nations rugby.

The media corporation revealed that the iPlayer had received a total of 148 million requests in February, out of which 72 per cent of requests were made from computers, 15 per cent were made through the Virgin Media iPlayer TV service, gaming consoles accounted for 6 per cent and other mobile devices accounted for 3 per cent of the requests.

The total number of iPlayer requests in February were lower than the 162 million requests made in January, which can be put down to the month being 3 days shorter.

The total number of requests made directly from the iPlayer were reported to be 125 million, of which 94 million were made for TV and 32 million were made for radio.

Meanwhile, users of BBC's iPlayer app on Apple's iPad made 2.1 million requests in February, a figure which indicates at a 22 per cent rise in iPad requests from January.

The BBC also revealed that excluding the Virgin Media platform, the iPlayer received 4.5 million daily requests on average in February and an average of 1.8 million daily users.