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Greenpeace eyes Japan, whimpers

atching events unfold in Japan, environmental activist group Greenpeace has come over all queasy.

"We’re lurching from one energy crisis to the next," executive director John Sauven said today. "First the BP oil spill in the USA, then oil price spikes in response to unrest in the Middle East, and now this nuclear emergency. But the long-term solution is the same as it has always been – a sustainable home-grown renewable energy system."

Sauven was addressing his remarks at Prime Minister David Cameron, as Japanese emergency services fought to keep its crumbling nuclear facility at Fukushima under control.

"We are blessed on this island with vast natural clean energy resources. You have to ask what it will take before Ministers finally seize the potential for renewable energy and the huge bounty of jobs and investment that comes with it. Will this century see billions more go in investment on fossil fuels and nuclear, or is this the moment that clean-tech makes a real break through?"

"For years our politicians have promised us that we are on the verge of a clean technology revolution where we switch to a safer, cleaner energy system. It hasn’t happened yet, but if not now, when?"

Sauven paid tribute to the "heroi"c engineers working to reduce the impact of the nuclear accident. “The focus now for everybody should be on saving lives in Japan," he said "But it’s already clear that a new debate is taking shape here in Europe about the direction of our energy policy."