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iPhone 5 Cases Appear Online

Chinese manufacturers have started to produce casings for the iPhone 5 and pictures of the accessories have started to pop up online.

Apple Insider (opens in new tab) published one picture of case rendering that shows no apparent changes to the button and SIM card slot placements.

Ditto for the camera an flash as well as the control; more importantly perhaps, it would show that Apple hasn't abandon the steel outer frame on the iPhone 4 which is doubles as an antenna.

The report mentions a "reliable source" which said that the cases were prototypes based on the mockup of the iPhone 5 provided by Apple.

While accessories manufacturers have correctly predicted some of the details of forthcoming Apple devices, it has been more a matter of hit and miss and we suspect that this one is an educated guess instead.

The iPhone 5, which we predict will be launched on the 6th of June, will almost certainly retain the same hardware as the iPad 2 for development and cost reasons.

We do not think that it will have a radically different design or that it will sport a bigger screen like many rumours, most of them emanating from China, suggested.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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