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Judge Grants Sony Access To Geohot's Paypal Records

A court in California has granted Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) the right to subpoena PayPal for information on PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz.

According to the latest court ruling, SCEA will be able to order online payments website PayPal to give information from George Hotz's account to identify the source of funds that were deposited from California, between January 2009 and February 2011.

The information will allow the court to determine whether Hotz has enough of a link to California so that he can be sued in a federal court there. The ruling comes a week after Sony was awarded the right to subpoena Google, Twitter, YouTube and web hosting firm Bluehost to hand over Hotz's account activity details.

Sony had initially filed a lawsuit against Hotz claiming that he had breached the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act by distributing the code and tools that allowed users to take control over the PS3 console and install third party software or play pirated games.

Meanwhile, according to PC Mag, Hotz has requested that Sony encrypt his hard drives that were seized from him as they contain sensitive information and other data including: "other individuals' personal information and data, clients' proprietary data, and confidential business information, which includes high value breakthrough innovations in the field of technology.”