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Linux Kernel 2.6.38 Arrives With 'Deep Changes'

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, has announced the released of Linux kernel 2.6.38, which comes with a process grouping patch and a new Virtual File System, amongst several other enhancements.

According to Linux for Devices blog, the automatic process grouping patch that comes with the new Linux Kernel is designed to enhance the manner in which the process scheduler assigns CPU time to each process.

The feature is designed to improve desktop interactivity by automatically creating task groups per TTY when the system is under pressure or is running heavy applications.

The enhanced Virtual File System on the other hand comes with an improved path lookup feature and directory cache, that boosts the performance of the operating system.

“As to the 'big picture', ie all the changes since 2.6.37, my personal favourite remains the VFS name lookup changes. They did end up causing some breakage, and Al has made it clear that he wants more cleanups, but on the whole I think it was surprisingly smooth,” Torvalds wrote in a newsgroup message.

“So I'm hoping this ends up being a fairly calm release despite some really deep changes like that,” he added.

The new Linux Kernel update also brings support for AMD processors and AMD and Nvidia Graphics Processing Units (GPU). The Btrfs file system has received an update and the new kernel also brings support for additional Wi-Fi chips.