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New Chrome Logo Represents Speed And Simplicity

Google has unveiled a new logo for its popular Chrome web browser following last week's release of Chromium's new all-blue logo.

The new Chrome logo, which is gradually being introduced to existing Chrome versions, was originally released in the Chrome 11.0.696.12 developer channel release, that was rolled-out yesterday to fix a number of bugs.

While the new logo may only be cosmetic, it can still be vital to the browser's image in the public eye. “Chrome has improved significantly since it was first released in 2008. We're working on refreshing the icon to better represent the speed and simplicity of the modern browser and operating system,” Google said in a statement to Cnet.

Google is also reportedly working on new features for the Chrome web browser including a feature that would allow users to select multiple tabs for better in-browser management and abbreviated tab titles to help users differentiate between similar web pages.

The new Chrome features were first noticed by Peter Beverloo, who claimed that future versions of Chrome will come with a new animation API and a new feature that can be used for pre-loading web pages to make them open faster. This last feature is being rolled-out to only 5 per cent of the browser's users.