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2012 tickets set to trigger Olympic-sized threats

The sale of London 2012 Olympic tickets will likely be a focus for online scams, warns antivirus software scaremonger ESET.

With the first tickets due to go on sale this week, the company wants to put a downer on things, saying buyers are likely to be a prime target for hackers who use popular events like the Olympics as an opportunity to lure people into downloading malicious content and viruses in a bid to obtain credit and bank card details.

"Cyber criminals often operate with a business mentality, if they take the time to write code and develop a virus they will want to maximise their results and get a return on their investment," comments Quinton Watts, VP of marketing ESET UK.

Internet users should be particularly careful of emails with links to the more popular competitions such as the 100m athletic finals and the beach volleyball tournament as these are expected to generate the most interest, Watts warned.

Pre-registered ticket holders are also at risk due to the potential confusion about which ticket emails to trust and which are from official sources. "It is this possible vulnerability for users which cyber criminals could exploit", says a worrisome Watts.

In an attempt to prevent such Olympic-sized threats ESET advises the public to be wary of links sent via social networks as well as emails and not to trust a suspiciously cheap ticket.