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Pricegrabber : Apple iPad 2, UK's Most Desired Tablet By Far

Nearly 9 of every 10 UK respondents to a survey carried out by Experian-owned price comparison outfit, Pricegrabber, said that they would like to get an iPad 2 as a gift.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Tab got a mere six per cent, the Dell Streak three per cent and the Toshiba Folio, two percent of the votes; the Folio has been pulled out from the stores after a rather high number of returns were noted by DSGi, last year.

In the US, a similar pattern can be observed with the iPad leding the pack by far with 87 per cent of the respondents saying they'd like to receive the tablet as a gift, five per cent opting for the Galaxy Tab, two per cent choosing the Dell Streak and a similar fraction preferring the HP Playbook even if it hasn't been launched yet.

The survey also highlighted the fact that a cut in price as well as the inclusion of digital cameras were the two most sought after improvements to the tablet.

28 per cent of respondents said that price was their biggest concern while a similar number said that the camera feature would be the most important factor in choosing the iPad 2. 22 per cent said that they'd like a more powerful chip and 14 percent said that they wanted a thinner and lighter device.