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Social Networks Now UK's Most Visited Websites, Study Shows

Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have surpassed entertainment websites in terms of online traffic, a new report has revealed.

According to data released by online metrics firm Experian Hitwise, social networking websites received 2.4 billion visits by Britons in January 2011, overtaking the amount who visited entertainment platforms, like BBC's iPlayer, YouTube and Sky Sports.

Facebook accounted for 56 per cent of all visits to social networking websites followed by Twitter. Google's YouTube was the most visited entertainment website in January with BBC's Homepage and the iPlayer trailing in second and third positions.

The company also revealed that Britons were spending more and more time on social networking platforms. In January, the average session of a user on a social networking website was 22 minutes. The report also revealed that one in eight people leaving a social networking website visited another one immediately after.

“Increasingly social networks are playing host to content from entertainment sites. This doesn’t mean people are no longer visiting entertainment or content sites, but it just means they are now interacting more with the material they watch often first via a social network,” Robin Goad, Experian Hitwise's Research Director, said in a statement.