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Virgin Media TiVO Gets Three Tuners

Virgin Media issued a statement today saying that their TiVO customers will now benefit from the activation of a third tuner for free and without any human intervention,

This means that Virgin Media customers will be able to record two programmes while watching a third one or even record three live programmes at the same time whilst watching something else on the TiVO box's 1TB hard disk drive.

More than 10,000 people have registered to get the TiVO box according to Virgin Media but we've heard that there are some teething issues that have appeared regarding the software update which have now been solved.

Virgin Media is said to be keen to use this unique selling point to compete more effectively with Sky and not only reduce customer churn but also lure Sky's customers who might be disappointed with the Sky box.

The cable company also promises more updates soon including more apps, games and services, all delivered automatically without the need for an engineer visit.

The TiVO box will come with its own 10Mbps broadband connection which is necessary to prevent the box from slowing down the customer's broadband service.

The hardware will cost £199 by itself plus a standard installation cost of £40. Customers will also be expected to pay £32.50 per month without a Virgin Media phone line.