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Amazon App Store To Offer Cut Price Apps?

Leaked images of Amazon's upcoming Android app store indicate that a number of apps undercut the prices of apps available on the official Android Market store.

According to German tech blog AndroidNews, certain apps that will be available on Amazon's stores are priced lower than those available on Google's official Android Market app store.

After typing '' in the address bar 'just for fun', the Android News blogger was redirected to a page which contained 48 Android apps including Zenonia, Raging Thunder II, SetCPU, The Moron Test and SwiftKey.

Conducting a price comparison with similar apps found on the Android Market revealed that Amazon was offering some apps at a lower price like Chordbot Pro, Scan2PDF Mobile 2.0, Audio Tuner and SwiftKey Keyboard.

The blogger also noticed an exclusive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Force Recon game on Amazon's app store. The Call of Duty game is not available on Android Market. Another popular game which will be available exclusively on the Amazon store is Angry Birds Rio by game developer Rovio, coming on March 22nd.

Amazon has not announced a launch date for its store but the March 22nd date for Angry Birds Rio indicates that the app store could be launched around the same time. The retailer plans to charge developers an annual $99 fee for offering apps on its platform and will keep 30 per cent of revenue from sales.