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Fox to air penetration-testing sitcom show

Penetration testing, the act of being hired to attack a corporation's network infrastructure in order to reveal flaws before the bad guys find them, is the unlikely topic of a new sit-com from Fox called Breaking In.

Due to air in the US on the 6th of April, Breaking In follows the exploits of a security consultation firm led by Christian Slater - yes, you read that right - as it is hired to carry out penetration tests for client corporations.

If that doesn't sound like a particularly good basis for a comedy show, look towards the success of Channel 4's The IT Crowd - a show which can be summed up as 'misanthropic pair of IT technicians fail to do their jobs at a faceless corporation's headquarters.'

While it's always nice to see the somewhat more niche areas of the IT industry getting some mainstream attention, Breaking In doesn't have history on its side: attempts to show hacking and cracking on both the big and small screens have typically been awful - with The Net, War Games, and Hackers watchable only for their camp value or as a basis for a drinking game.

Despite this, Fox is taking a punt on the show - although comments on data security news site threatpost suggest that the pentesting community won't be among the audience tuning in for the first episode.

If you want to see just what delights the Fox Network has in store, you can take a peek at Christian Slater in all his pen-testing glory in the short trailer below.