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Google Adds Application Statistics Tool For Android Developers

Search engine giant Google has bought out an application statistics dashboard for Android developers that will allow them to monitor the performance of their apps.

In a blog post, Google said that the new Application Statistics dashboard for the Market Developer Console will allow developers to monitor the installation performance of their apps.

The dashboard, which is accessible from the main Listings page in the Developer Console, will let developers view tables and charts that will give an apps's active installation trend over a period of time. Developers will be able to view their apps performance on the basis of Android platform versions, devices, user countries, and user languages as well.

Eric Chu of Google's Android Developer Ecosystem explained, “For additional context, the dashboard also shows the comparable aggregate distribution for all app installs from Android Market (numbering in the billions). You could use this data to observe how your app performs relative to the rest of Market or decide what to develop next.”

Google has included application data going back to December 22, 2010 on the new Statistics dashboard and has promised to keep updating it on a daily basis. The dashboard will surely help developers to make critical decisions related to their apps by judging their performance over time.