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Intel Acquires SoC Business Silicon Hive

Chip maker Intel has bought Philips Electronics spin-off Silicon Hive in a bid to boost its development of smartphone processors.

Intel is preparing to make a move into the smartphone and tablet processor market, dominated largely by ARM, with its Atom line of processors.

Silicon Hive offers processors that have software-based approach to system-on-chip (SoC) design, which, according to the company, makes them less expensive and more adaptable to a wide range of applications, GigaOm reports.

Intel will use Silicon Hive's technology to make its low-powered Atom processor more appealing to mobile and tablet device makers. The company is also planning to offer Atom processors in other divisions like TV, cars and network equipment.

According to New Venture Partners, Silicon Hive's lead investor, the company's technology will aid Intel Atom's SoC capabilities 'as multimedia and imaging grow in importance across the mobile smart device segments'. Apart from New Venture Partners, Silicon Hive has also received investment from Intel Capital.

Atul Sinha, CEO of Silicon Hive, said in a statement, “It has been a great pleasure partnering with New Venture Partners and Intel Capital. They’ve been with us from the early stages, and have been strategic advisors on our product and business development along the way.”

“We now target phenomenal successes inside Intel in the delivery of differentiated multimedia experiences in Atom-processor based SoCs,” he added.