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iPad 2 To Replace Desktops & Laptops Says Survey

Half of the respondents to a survey carried out in the UK and in the US by a price comparison website said that they believe that the tablet format, with the iPad 2 at its helm, is going to replace both desktops and laptops.

While only 42 per cent of US respondents believed that this would be so, more than half of their UK counterparts supported the idea, showing that there is perhaps a more mature market for innovation on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The fact that the iPad 2 is now is now significantly more powerful than its predecessor and offers a number of genuinely useful features like a webcam may encourage potential customers to think twice before committing to a laptop or a netbook.

Apple however, is not alone in encouraging users to think differently. Asus & Lenovo have released tablets that double as notebooks hinting at more convergence in the mobile computing market.

Motorola has also launched a series of accessories like a HDMI docking station for its XOOM tablet; addons that, in a near future, may enhance the status of the tablet as a viable laptop or desktop replacement.

The survey also underlined the fact that users want the new iPad 2 to come with a better processor, at least one camera and be lighter and thinner; while they managed to get all this, Apple hasn't bulged on the last item, the price.