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iPhone 5 May Have NFC Features After All

A new report has emerged in the US, claiming that the iPhone 5 will have near field communication technology, rebuking another article published by the Independent that claimed Apple was shying away from the technology because of a lack of of clear standard across the industry.

Elizabeth Woyke, writing for Forbes' Mobilized blog, said that an entrepreneur working on a "top-secret NFC product" cited another friend who works at Apple who confirmed that the iPhone 5 will have NFC capabilities.

The entrepreneur also revealed that manufacturers of NFC readers with which he has been in touch also expect the iPhone 5 to come with NFC features because it will bring more exposure to the technoogy and therefore, potentially more business.

One thing is for sure though, Apple is definitely working on RFID or NFC features for its devices; Apple has been looking for a test engineer with proven knowledge in NFC (although we noted that the job descriptionw as later modified to remove this).

Deutsche Telekom, which co-owns Everything Everywhere in the UK, also mentioned Apple during a presentation about a forthcoming e-wallet systems last month.

Our hunch is that NFC capabilities will be indeed integrated in the iPhone 5 - after all, the costs are minimal - and will be available only when Apple will believe the technology is sufficiently mature. Adding NFC features will only be a matter of releasing a new firmware, as it was the case for the wireless Hot Spot functionality.