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Latest PlayStation 3 firmware already jailbroken

Video of a jailbroken PlayStation 3 console running firmware version 3.60 has shown up on YouTube.

The latest version of the software, seeded last week, was unusual in that it actually included a new feature for legitimate users in the shape of a cloud-based game save mechanism - but Sony's real reason for the update was to add new code that would circumvent the recent rash of jailbreaks based on the recently-exposed private key.

Just days after the update was pushed, video has appeared on YouTube that shows a retail console running v3.60 being jailbroken.

The clip, which was removed soon after being posted, (and subsequently reposted) was created by a user named BoringHacker who says he has no idea how he had circumvented Sony's beefed-up security, he'd just tried to install packages found on the Internet and they'd worked.

Having a stab in the dark, we'd say that those jolly hackers who usually try to make a name for themselves by crowing loudly about their triumphs over Sony's security systems are a bit more reticent about being identified, in the light of the Japanese giant's legal campaign against celebrity PS3 fiddler George 'Geohot' Hotz.

There's no visible public release of the the hack packages as yet, but give it a few days...