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New York Times To Charge Readers For Online News

The New York Times, one of America's most read newspapers, has announced plans for implementing a new subscription model on its website.

Starting on March 28th, visitors to the website will be allowed to access 20 articles for free before being asked to subscribe to the website's content, the newspaper said. The NY Times plans to charge people $15 for four weeks subscription to the NY Times website and a smartphone app.

The new paywall is a part of the newspaper's effort to keep its business model viable in the digital age. Newspapers and magazines across the US have been plagued by low circulation due to the availability of free news content online.

New York Times Chairman and Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said in a statement, “It's an important step that we hope you will see as an investment in The Times, one that will strengthen our ability to provide high-quality journalism to readers around the world and on any platform.”

The newspaper follows The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, which had hidden their content behind a paywall some time ago. However, analysts believe that paywalls are doing little or no good to revive subscriptions.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Center, the three dozen newspaper websites that have implemented a paywall have seen only one per cent of their visitors opting to pay for reading online news.