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Orange Book Club App Arrives On Android, Symbian and Blackberry

UK mobile network operator Orange has rolled-out its very own e-reader app for Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices, offering more than 23,000 ebooks for download.

The company had earlier launched the online version of the Orange Book Club which had received a positive response from customers. Building on its success, the wireless carrier has come up with the Orange Book Club app for smartphones on its network.

The app comes with a catalogue of 23,000 ebooks which is no where near the number of books offered by rival ebook sellers Amazon and Google Books. The key feature that differentiates Orange's platform from its rivals is that it comes with a one-click buy option.

The one-click buy feature allows users to purchase and download ebooks with a single click, while the purchase gets billed on a customer's Orange account. The Orange Book Club app offers both ebooks and audio books.

The app comes with various features to enhance the reading experience including sample chapters, bookmarking capabilities, the ability to change the font size and the background colours.

Stuart Jackson, Brand Communications Director at Orange, said in a statement, “Think of a book you’d like to read and you can download it instantly on your connected device. Unlike many other eBook services on the market, ours allows you to purchase with a single click, making it easier than ever before to download your next must-read novel – wherever you are.”