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Trusteer Launches Pinpoint Cloud Based Security Tool

Internet security company Trusteer has rolled out a new cloud based security system that allows financial institutions and retailers to scan PCs on their network for malware, without having to install software on them.

Trusteer's Pinpoint cloud based security system is designed to tackle malware like trojans that are designed to commit banking fraud and data theft. The security tool lets banks scan their networks for PCs infected with malware without the need for additional software for the appliances.

According to the company, banking and retail organisations concerned about online fraud and data theft can scan their networks for laptops and desktops that are attempting to gain access which are infected by malware.

The security tool blocks these infected devices from accessing the network and prompts the visitor to download and use Trusteer Rapport, an in-browser anti-virus tool, for removing the malware.

As the entire network scanning and malware detection process happens in the cloud, the company claims that its service is much faster and has a detection rate of almost 80 per cent.

Yaron Dycian, Trusteer VP for products, said in a statement to The Inquirer, “Our desktop product is close to 100 per cent detection. Pinpoint achieves 80 per cent because it is on the server, not on the mobile device and some malware has not yet been encountered. Web fraud prevention is a three-legged stool that combines detection, protection and remediation.”