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Yahoo Introduces AdChoices 'Transparent Advertising' To Europe

Yahoo has begun trialling a new transparent advertising platform in Europe, which will not only let consumers decide the type of ads they want to see, but also give information on the advertisers and the reasons why the user was targeted.

The company said that its AdChoices online advertisement platform will come with certain key factors like transparency, interaction, relevancy, and information, that will differentiate it from rival advertisement platforms.

Yahoo said that consumers will be able to see who is behind a particular advertisement and why it was chosen particularly for that user, by clicking on an interactive icon that will be displayed with the ad.

Justin Weiss, international privacy director at Yahoo, said in a statement to The Financial Times, “The idea of a visual symbol in and around every ad we show is to remind users that their information is being used and to give them a portal, a pathway, into what data is being used and the controls they have over them.”

AdChoices will also come with two options that will allow users to decide what type of ads they see on Yahoo pages, or to completely opt out of targeted advertisements altogether. Yahoo is trialling the platform in Europe first and will expand to other markets based on the feedback it gets.