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Exclusive : Five Unknown Handsets Appear on ZTE UK 2011 Roadmap

Yesterday during the press conference convened by Chinese manufacturer ZTE, a slide showing products to be launched in the UK in 2011 was briefly displayed; the document contained five mobile phones that have yet to be formally announced in the UK.

These are the Pico, Karen, Atlas, Jack 3G and Marvin. ZTE would not provide with more details and the fact that the pictures were not of the best quality means that we're likely to get just a mere idea of what they are.

The Pico appears to be a follow up to the ZTE-G X670 otherwise known as the Orange Lisbon, the Karen looks like a full touchscreen handset, a bit like the T-Mobile Pulse which comes with an Android operating system.

The Atlas 3.2 was the only one we handled at the event and comes with a 3.2-inch touchscreen. It looks and feels like the Samsung Galaxy Ace and runs on what looks like Brew OS.

The i-Chat looks like the T-Mobile Unity White, the QWERTY keyboard-equipped Jack 3G resembles the T-Mobile Unity while the Marvin, with its candy bar format, shares some features with the ZTE F107 from Three.

None of the handsets are likely to be based on Android or even Windows Phone; we suspect that in most cases, they will be using the Qualcomm Brew OS, which ironically requires them to pay a licence fee, albeit a tiny one.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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