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Archos Generation 9 Tablets To Feature 1.6Ghz Dual Core SoC

Archos is set to unveil up to six new tablets in June with one of them being powered by a dual core ARM Cortex-A9 system on chip clocked at 1.6GHz, making it by far the "fastest" tablet on the planet.

ARMdevices says that it is likely that it will be based on a beefed-up version of the Texas Instruments OMAP4440 (otherwise known as the OMAP4470), which has a clock speed of 1.5Ghz; that's 33 per cent faster than the RIM Playbook which also powered by a TI OMAP4430 (or 4460).

French website Bestofmicro understands that the tablets will be based on Android and will have touchscreen sizes between 5-inch and 10-inch.

It is also understood that that the chassis of the devices will be made up of both plastic and a very light metal (possibly aluminium) and that all six will come with a 3G modem will Archos seemingly eyeing a closer collaboration with mobile phone operators.

BestOfMicro says that the tablet maker will stick to hard disk drives rather than Flash memory because of cost and capacity advantages (ed : prices of Flash memory is likely to shoot up given what happened in Japan).

Even the smaller 80GB 1.8-inch hard disk drives have more capacity and are likely to cost a fraction of the price of an equivalent 64GB flash storage.