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Nintendo 3DS Cheapest At Asda : £182 With Free £10 Gift Set

With only five days to go before the official launch of the Nintendo 3DS in the UK, Asda has taken a decisive step towards becoming the cheapest stockists of the 3D console with a £182 price tag with free delivery and a free accessory pack worth £9.91.

Only the Aqua blue version is available and although Asda's website says the console costs £187, that can be brought down to £182 using the voucher code ASDA5 (ASDA10 doesn't work) with the added bonus of a 7-in-1 accessory pack.

The latter contains six games holder, a screen protector, a cleaning cloth and applicator and two universal extensible styli.

The gaming console carries in a suggested retailer price of £230 but Tesco and Amazon have cut the price of the console to a mere £187, a £43 saving. Amazon also offers a free screen protector, a 3DS case for £5 and one game for £15, out of a choice of six games in all.

The Nintendo 3DS is heralded as the first commercially available 3D gaming console. It is the first one that doesn't require a dedicated pair of 3D glasses to achieve its magic.

Nearly 375,000 have been sold during the launch weekend on the 26th of February with the Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle being the best selling 3DS launch title as of now.

The 3DS uses the Nintendo 1048 0H ARM CPU (ed : didn't know that Nintendo is an ARM licensee) which is based the ARM946E-S architecture and is found, amongst other things, in the Nokia N-Gage.

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