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Nintendo 3DS Gets Official Ubisoft Website

Ubisoft has launched a specially designed website for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console with a number of its own games in the line up.

The gaming website showcases eight of Ubisoft Entertainment's games available for the platform - Ghost Recon, Dinosaurs 3D, Driver Renagade 3D, Hollywood Crimes, Rabbids 3D, Rayman 3D, Splinter Cell 3D and Asphalt 3D.

Ubisoft has cleverly imitated the interface of the Nintendo 3DS by integrating a pseudo-3D effect in the interface; it also includes the official box art, screen shots as well as trailers.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the 3D versions of the latter because the website - which is available here - only works on the special parallax technology that powers the Nintendo 3DS screen.

With only five days to go before the launch of the 3DS in the UK, news emerged earlier this week about the potential medical benefits of allowing young children to play with the 3DS to identify potential visual defects like "lazy eye", early enough to improve chances of healing.

The 3DS is already the most popular portable gaming consoles in 2011 on Amazon. It can be purchased for as little as £182 from Asda, a deal that comes with a £10 free accessory set.

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