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ZTE Wants To Ship 250 million "Units" By 2015

ZTE delivered an timely update on its strategic plan for the next five years to a selected number journalists in London on Friday, one month after Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and 24 hours after releasing its 2010 annual results..

Wu Sa, the company's Mobile Device Operations director for the UK, said that ZTE wants to increase its shipment by roughly 30 million units every year to 250 million units in 2015.

ZTE did not provide more details on what the exactly made up those millions of units although we've got a good idea. 2010 figures show that, of the 93 million "units shipped", around two thirds of these were dumb (or feature) phones, just under a third were dongles and around two per cent were smartphones.

This goes a long way to explain why the company's revenue for last year reached $10.61 billion (a 21 per cent increase year-on-year) while its net profit rose to "only" $491.74 million, a jump of more than 32 per cent compared to 2009.

For the first time ever, revenues from external markets exceeded that of domestic operations with the later portion growing by more than 27 per cent.

ZTE appears to be keen to shed its ODM label - like HTC did nearly a decade ago - but doesn't seem to be ready to alienate its traditional partners, the mobile network operators.