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Amazon's Android App Store Could Launch Tomorrow

Online retail giant Amazon could be launching its app store for users of Google's Android platform as early as tomorow, Tuesday March 22nd.

A source within Amazon, who is working on the launch, told tech blog Wired that the retailer will launch the app store as soon as Tuesday.

Amazon, which revealed its plan of launching an Android app store last month, hopes to lure users away from Google's official Android Market by offering exclusive applications and competitive prices.

The blog Android News recently discovered a premature Amazon app store webpage, which was later taken down, in which Amazon was seen offering several apps at lower prices than those being offered on Android Market.

Amazon app store is expected to offer the exclusive Angry Birds Rio game and a Call of Duty game for Android users at the time of the launch.

The company plans on regulating which apps are allowed on its app store, similar to how Apple does with the iTunes App Store and will even set the prices for the apps.

The Wired source revealed that users will be able to purchase apps directly from Amazon's website or from a dedicated Amazon app from their Android devices. Apps with links to other apps will have to redirect users to the Amazon app store instead of Android Market.