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AMD To Release Five Llano APUs In July?

Taipei in June more than likely.

According to Xbitlabs' Anton Shilov who provided with a detailed table (opens in new tab), the chips will all have Husky cores, either four K10.5+ ones with a Radeon HD 6000-class Beavercreek with 320 or 400 stream processors or two core with the WinterPark graphics subsystem with 160 stream processors.

The APUs will have a TDP between 65W and 100W and will all be fabbed with a 32nm technology from Globalfoundries. Additionally, they will come with between 1MB and 4MB cache and will feature Turbo Core overclocking technology and multi-GPU graphics support.

Interestingly, two of the lower TDP cores, the A8-3560 and the A8-3550, feature a HD6550 GPU solution with the 3550 clocked at 594MHz as well as being quad cores.

In all, AMD is rumoured to launch 11 desktop APUs by the end of the year plus a number of other APUs aimed at the mobile market. The E-300, E-450 Zacate plus the E-240 and the E-350 (both of which have already been released) are build using a 40nm process technology but have a TDP of only 18W because of the Bobcat cores.

The E-450 will be the most powerful model of the lot with a HD6320 GPU clocked at 600MHz and a clock speed of 1.65GHz; no Turbo Core technology on the Zacate cores though.

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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