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Apple iPad 2 UK Launch Delayed By Half A Day?

A report has emerged that the launch of the Apple iPad 2 in the UK could well be delayed after a last-minute snafu could mean people queuing to get the tablet on Friday morning will be disappointed.

According to PCR-Online's Matt Grainger, who cites Robert Peckham, former executive director of the Mac Technology Association reseller group, a mistake in the supply chain means that Apple stores in the UK will not receive stock for the launch on Friday morning.

The report, that has been unconfirmed by others, means that UK resellers, like Carphone Warehouse and PC World, have been coerced by Apple to delay the launch of the tablet on their side until 5pm on Friday evening.

What's even more ironic is that many of them have already received their allocated stock and are ready to launch the device.

Instead, they are forced to do some last minute amends and toe the line or risk the wrath of Apple. Peckham told PCR that Apple's move has upset a few people because they now have to "squeeze an entire day of sales in to one or two hours on a Friday evening" or get their staff to work until later.

On the other side, this might work wonders for other companies like Misco who will almost certainly be shipping the tablets on Thursday evening which means that some will get the iPad 2 on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. For a complete list of the major resellers selling the iPad 2 in the UK either offline or online, click here.