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Apple iPad 2 Weight Loss Techniques Revealed

The technical teardown carried last week by component analyst IHS iSuppli has shown in details how Apple has managed to bring down the weight and the thickness of the Apple iPad 2.

The device weighs 600g and has a thickness of 8.8mm, that's down from 700g and 13.4mm respectively.

IHS Supply identified four main components which account for the 4.6mm savings with those on the battery accounting for the majority.

The latter is only 2.5mm thick compared to 6.1mm for the iPad v1, that's a decrease of 59 per cent. Apple flattened the existing battery, moving from a two cell to a 3-cell model; it also served to shrink the battery weight by 5g.

The thickness of the touchscreen overlay has also been slashed by 25 per cent to 0.6mm, thanks to a new glass technology that allows such a change without impacting on durability.

IHS Supply noted that the iPad 2 no longer contains the stamped sheet metal frame that was included in the iPad v1's display, a move that cut the thickness by 0.5mm and had a significant impact on the weight as well.

The last factor that influenced the tablet's thickness is the clearance between the rear of the display and th top of the batteries, a space that was reduced by 0.3mm to 1.3mm.