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Apple's latest MacBook Pros crash at work

Apple's support forums are clogging up with complaints about its latest ultra-slim MacBook Pro - the 2011 edition - with owners of the notebook complaining that it crashes when asked to take on more arduous tasks.

Complaints have been pouring in about both the 15-and 17-inch notebooks.

A typical posting says that a user's Macbook Pro 15-inch Core i7 2.3 GHz. has, "had 4 Kernel Panics in the last two days, and two freezes under load. Rendering video, or running VMware seem to exacerbate the problem. Fans ramp up, and then Voila! Kernel Panic."

Another user writes: "Got my new 17" i7 last week. I have had 5 freezes so far, mouse moves for a few seconds then nothing until it comes back 10 minutes later. I hope they release a fix soon... spending $3,000 for a non-usable laptop is frustrating!"

Yet another claims "for some reason my earlier posting was deleted," before going on to detail "system freezes" that the user thinks "might be related to the graphic switching".

Janus Andersen from Denmark writes: "My freezes happen under both OSX and Win7, but the system only recovers under OSX after between 10-15 min.

"The other day my Win7 appeared to freeze up. After waiting 10 minuttes I hard-rebooted the computer. I was surprised to see in the Windows log, that the system had logged everything while the computer appeared frozen... as if it continued to run in the background."

Apple has been made aware of the complaints and it is suggested that the outfit may be preparing to recall some of the devices.

We've asked Apple to confirm, meanwhile you can read through the complaints forum here.