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Controversial Letter Of Former HP CEO To Be Unsealed

A US judge has ordered Hewlett-Packard to release a modified version of a letter that resulted in the high-profile sacking of former HP CEO Mark Hurd.

The letter was sent by Gloria Allred on behalf of her client, HP contractor Jodie Fisher. Hurd, who is now a co-president at Oracle, was made to leave HP after an investigation found him to be violating HP's standards of business conduct.

The judge decided to unseal the confidential letter because of a lawsuit filed by HP shareholder Ernesto Espinoza, who has demanded to see HP's company books and records as a part of an investigation into HP's directors.

Judge Donald Parsons Jr. ruled that Mark Hurd had failed to prove why the letter should remain confidential and gave HP 10 days to modify the letter with several narrow portions omitted. The judge has allowed Hurd to file another appeal within these 10 days.

Amy Wintersheimer, Mark Hurd's lawyer, said in an emailed statement, “We are disappointed with the court's ruling and will appeal the matter. We believe the letter, which was clearly marked 'confidential,' should remain that way. As has been admitted, the letter contains many inaccuracies. Mr. Hurd long ago resolved the matter and has moved on.”